About Us

Who are we?
We are pioneers
We are not scared to undertake projects that have never been done before. On the contrary, it is what we love to do best. We get inspired by difficulties, challenges, and large-scale projects.
We are innovators
We like bringing future closer, because we are not afraid of it. We are geeks and techno-junkeys. We believe that technologies will help people live up to their potential and create limitless opportunities for everyone.
We are creators
We create new worlds. With every passing year they become more and more realistic. You can study, travel, play, and socialize in our worlds. Soon every brand, a community, and a person are going to have their own world.
We are perfectionists
When it comes to quality we stand firm. And that is the reason why each time we try to get the most out of platforms, hardware, software, and engines. Every project we undertake is the challenge to ourselves and to the industry as a whole.
Our Mission
To provide meaningful business solutions using the most advanced tools of the Digital Era.