Website and Virtual Showroom
for Plaurum International Group

Innovative Online Office for International Brand
Website and Virtual Showroom
for Plaurum International Group
Plaurum International Group
Create a innovative hi-tech online office of the international brand developing the most advanced technologies for nonferrous metal processing and their application for people's benefit
Corporate website with virtual showroom
Open Plaurum Virtual Showroom in a new window
Company's executives approved our idea and we set off to create an innovative virtual showroom, designed to become the centerpiece of online office for the international brand. We took the full advantage of modern web content and created an amazing cocktail of panoramic renders, 360° photos and videos, and interactive 3D. And we didn't stop there! Thus, we added a virtual hostess in the picture. As a result, we've made the perfect interactive online presentation for the company. You visit this showroom and you're all set as if you're actually at the company's expo booth, enjoying the first-rate advanced technologies, consulting with experienced employees, and getting the latest information for potential customers and partners. Both website and showroom are available in Russian and English. And the best thing is that everything works in all modern browsers and operating systems as well as on all iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. The showroom was officially opened at a Plaurum partner event in Prague, the Czech Republic. It got a great response from professionals. Since then it has been the company's key presentational tool.
How We Did It?
We embraced a Plaurum's slogan - 'Brave ideas. Noble solutions' and worked hard for almost a year on this ambitious project. Plaurum find their inspiration and object of study in precious metals people mine in the underground natural reserves. That's why we created 'The Underground Palace', a design concept for the Plaurum's Virtual Headquarters. It looks like a huge underground cave with many individual halls. We put in a lot of effort to create content. Both regular and 360 degree videos and photos were taken at the company's factories in Russia and the Czech Republic. The hostess was brought to the Virtual Showroom thanks to chroma key technologies. In addition, we made a whole catalog of 3D product models. We are especially proud of technical execution for the showroom. One of the customer's major requirements was to ensure correct display and successful functioning of the complete showroom in most modern systems, platforms, and browsers. To make it possible, we used webgl and three.js cross-browser libraries, and adaptive web design.
Concept Design
Concept and design of the website and the virtual showroom. Interior concept design 'The Underground Palace'.
UI/UX Design.
360° Photo and Video Content Creation
360° photo and video shooting, editing, and post-production. Green screen chroma key shooting of a virtual hostess. Material copywriting for the website and the showroom. Regular website design.
3D Content Creation
3D Interior Modeling. 3D Product Modeling. 360 Degree Panorama Rendering. Model converting for three.js
Web Programming
Regular website programming. Virtual showroom programming. Showroom integration into the website.
Contents, Debugging, Training
Adding regular contents to the website and interactive contents to the showroom. English adaptation of all materials. Testing and debugging.
CMS Training for the client.