The Tower VR

VR Sci-Fi Quest/Action Game
The Tower VR
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VR sci-fi quest/action.
Under development.
1991. Sverdlovsk, following the collapse of the Soviet Union. A group of physicists conduct a series of ground-breaking experiments in time travels. Facing budget cuts as the Soviet state ceases to exist, the researchers take a desperate chance. They give up on the full cycle of testing procedures and travel to 2017 to see the country at the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. The scientists put the device at the top of the unfinished TV Tower, switch it on and parachute into created temporal anomaly. However, a modulator breaks down, and the scientists get stuck at the exit from a temporal tunnel. The anomaly they have created is pressing a membrane of the space-time continuum, which causes apocalyptic disasters, a menace not only to the city but, probably, to the entire world. You are playing for a young man, who has to climb up the Tower and repair the modulator. But this proves to be a difficult and dangerous job indeed. Fog, storm, gravitational anomalies, fireballs, local black holes, strange entities from parallel worlds... To top it off, the army sent by the government to sort this mess out. The journey to the top of the tower turns into the insane, dynamic, and mind-blowing 3D Quest.
How we did it?
The story unfolds around the legendary Yekaterinburg TV Tower. That was our Tower... Tough, dangerous, shrouded in mystery. We couldn't help but get inspired by its design and history. When we started working on the game, this famous Soviet incomplete structure was still looming over the city. We tried to capture it in every detail: inside and out. Before 3D simulation we arranged a tour to the Tower and took thousands of photos from every angle, and then we thoroughly studied archive drawings and architect's designs of this grand project. We've also met with extreme sports enthusiasts, who climbed up the Tower many times and know every inch there. In March 2018 the Tower was demolished, which makes our game even more meaningful. This remains the only place in the universe where the Tower is still standing proud. Nobody can demolish it there...
The project is under development. The release date is scheduled for autumn 2018.